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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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experiencing problems over the past few days which means the at&t frequency is not the sole source of the problem. >> i don't know what effect the cell phone towers have on the radios, all i ask is one simple thing is a radio system that actually works. >> reporter: they say they are cooperating with the city but it is premature to blame them. they say the frequency is also operated by other carriers including at&t mobile. >> we are evaluating doing very detailed testing of our systems to ensure we find the problems. >> reporter: the s.e.c. is involved in checking the cell tower but they don't know how long the investigation of the other cell towers will take
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: they say construction crews hit a gas pipe right next to the stores at the sunny townsend terrible. crews had the leak capped off and the pipe repaired in about a half hour. there was a temporary road closure but no evacuations were necessary. they plan to file claims related to the august 6thth refinery fire. now at the north rich community center it will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow through friday and there are live operators available for 24 hours a day for live claims over the phone and we have put the number at the botp of your -- bot tomorrow of your -- bottom of your screen. today a source close to the investigation said it is all part an all out gang war with
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mexican nationals. officers say a 23-year-old man was shot and taken to the hospital by friends where he later died. there have also been several nonfatal shootings in recent days. 30 people have been killed so far in san jose. and coming up, a gang expert comes up giving us more about a suspected lawmaker and they say the city needs to ask for help. they questioned the accuracy. in measure b-mayor chuck reid said the pension cost would raise too much as a worst case estimate but the auditors are saying the figures are unsupported and over stated following a likely amount of $320 million. mayor reid said the costs have
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skyrocketed and that's why san jose voters have overwhelmingly approved measure b. >> it is just a measure that you arrive at by looking at a lot of assumptions about a future you want to make. if you want optimistic assumption you get different numbers and if you have pest mystic a sums -- assumption you get lower numbers. and today they made a final decision to build parks and connect trails. live in milpitas where there is a lot of controversy over what kind of parks get that cash. >> reporter: that's right, we are in one of the public parks in santa clara county and this is foot hill park in milpitas. many neighborhoods do not have a parklike this and that was a sticking point as they tried to figure out how to spend some special park money. >> reporter: santa clara county has a master plan for its 170 miles of trails it wants to
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build and connect. it is a network taken by charter acquisition funds, set up and approved by voters in the 1970s, specifically to buy land, they are more concerned about the fact that they have no nearby park of any kind. >> it would be nice, because there is a lot of houses that could be made into a park area. >> that was a hot topic, its parkland acquisition plan. they want some of the $75 million also used to build small parks for urban neighborhoods such as for east hill drive. >> you will see kids playing in the street sitting on the side walk, pull over and ask them why they are not at the park and they will say they don't have a park. >> eventually, they will look at areas in a case-by-case basis and the charter funds will be used to complete the master plan. >> and that will connect city
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parks but to buy city parks and have a county maintain something in a little pocket that is not of rural significance or of regional session cans is against our -- significance is against our charter funds. >> they will start working with cities and property owners to complete the 170 miles and so far 75 miles have been completed. >> milpitas has been made the latest with the ban on plastic bags. the board voted to approve the ban which would only apply to grocery stores. it would take affect about a year from now. plastics meats would not be covered and the ban would not apply to restaurants. more than 3,000 homes and businesses are still threatened by the out of control wildfire
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burning in the north sacramento valley. the biggest is shinel town and shaft terrible counties. the last update is that flames from this ponderosa fire are 3 5% contained. almost 20,000 acres have burned which is more than 30 square miles and seven structures have been lost. firefighters say it was lightning and started the fire last saturday. and it derailed killing two college students on a bridge. two 19-year-old women were drinking and had been hanging out when the train derailed around midnight. some of the cars fell on to vehicles. nobody on the ground was hurt but it is unclear if their presence on the tracks led to the derailment and the cause is still under investigation. today he remarked about
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rape and refused to quit the race for the senate. the republican central committee could easily replace him but after that it would take a court order to remove his name from the ballot. recently he was asked about abortion in the case of rape but he said if it is legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. he issued an a policy if i. -- apology. >> as the father of two daughters... >> he said as the father of two daughters he wants tough justice for predators. the mistake is in the words he chose and he is asking for give necessary. >> sandra spoke out in favor of president barack obama's healthcare policy which
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requires contraceptive. rush limbaugh blasted fluke on his show calling her a slut. she hopes to solidify more before the delegates next month. and barbara lee denounced a plan by a vice-president dental dan date and with crouchers. it would increase costs on seniors by as much as $6,400 a year. >> ryan's plan would do nothing to overall cost overhaul healthcare -- overhaul healthcare costs. >> representative lee is encouraging people to stand behind president barack obama's healthcare reform. the electricity is back on for most were left without power. the first outage hit 9:00 a.m.
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an affected almost 2000 homes and businesses off of middle field road. bust just about another area caused problems. this provides power to the area and they are working on an underground cable. they are playing another do or die game. they would advance to the semifiles on thunder day,en it looks like you are there tonight. >> and we go inside and i want to bring it to you live, the game just got underway and let's take a look here. the team is hoping and all he wanted to do was make contact
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and he snapped off a walk off in the 8-4 victory, that he had good night also and their paper threw a no hitter as it came 2- 0. and there is a little bit of deja vu but let's come back here live, anthony this is a big, big game four guys, right? >> yeah . that is correct, there is a pitch limit on little leg. and what about the fans what do you think about them here? >> petaluma loom fans in the back, you got to love them. >> crazy right here. let me show you this sign we had here. can we show this sign, jacob,
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forget back to 0 school, we love the nationals and i will try to find my self-esteem, we will be back to find the latest in petaluma, ktvu channel 2 news. it is an international day, americas cup racing yes underway. and it is getting thicker and thicker, we will be right back here at 5:20 [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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. they gave sailors and spectators a taste of the salty road ahead. >> he takes the wind from great britain. >> and 11 crews and 55 sailors kicked off the world series today with a practice session on san francisco bay. there was spillover just south of actress island. -- alcatraz island. the exhibition brought out fans and the simply curious. >> i wanted to come and have a look. >> reporter: the hope is thousands will come out to watch and spend money on souvenir. they estimate america's cup race will bring $1.8 billion and 1,000 jobs to the bay area. they spent the day getting used to heavy waves, strong currents and winds up to 25 knots. >> it is a fantastic venue, for
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us, we have a beautiful engine. >> and/or call, team usa is -- and or call team usa is counting on the title. >> you see they naturally lift and we want to use that as an advantage. >> and just like the 49ers, you know? >> for team usa and the senate the area native, the races are a dream come true. >> i have to pinch myself, because i don't believe it is happening here. >> reporter: city officials are calling america's cup nascar on water, they are looking to see 11 boats crammed into a tight field reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. and qualifying races begins tomorrow afternoon and quarter
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finals begin tomorrow and thursday and with the finals on sunday and you can see all of the action right there from san francisco's marina grant. the fallout from melky cabrera scandal continues to be heard. major league baseball notified teams ron nunez is prohibited from accessing clubhouses and other nonpublic areas. he is responsible for fabricating a website to challenge a positive drug test. he dropped his grievance and was hit with a 50 game suspension. and they are operating sales on food, 9ers and santa clara city leaders struck a million dollar deal with the center plate. they also operate contexts stands and under the five-year agreement, they will provide construction of the 1.2 billion dollars stadium which set to
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open in 2014. and men's soccer season has been canceled for the year after a university determined hazing on august 4th. today the university president announced the suspension from playing in any conference games. individual players may also be disciplined for the excessive alcohol consumption that endangered the lives of two students. a second west nile virus is now being reported. fresno reports she died of complications from the virus. according to the state website, there is 44 cases of west nile virus and the virus has spread from birds to people and mosquitoes. and the 22nd west mile virus -- west nile virus, worst outbreak in u.s. history with 400 cases reported so far.
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the latest death reports they completed a second round of mosquito killing and insect side. and they offered a glimpse into their investigation into last year's fatal look at the races. you may recall a fighter plane crashed right into the stands killing the pilot and ten people on the ground and 70 others were injured. they released hundreds of documents and photographs and they are focusing on loose screws in the tale of the plane and possibility safety procedures. this year's races are set to begin august 12th. let's give you a live look on interstate 880 and it is slow going but check back later next week and this traffic is sure to heat up.
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aaa is predicting 30 million people will travel over labor labor, it is the biggest travel forecast in five years. many say they plan to drive to their labor day weekend destinations. and traffic may be backed up, and it is a good day today. >> did it feel different to you today from what it felt like yesterday? >> some areas were a little warmer some were cooler. you may have warmed up just a bit, inland temperatures turned down and coasted about the same. this weather pattern is a nice one but there is fog along the coast, out in the arizona we have south pacifica and that will make it for the bay as we go into the evening hours. here is what the satellite loop shows, as i get out of the way, watch all the explosives as it explodes in the afternoon
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hours. was that we experienced and we had some fires and most of that is tropical moisture on the east side of nevada. we still have high clouds around and most of that activity has moved off and that's extremely good news considering the problems we have had with fires in northern california. the weather has been better and it is starting to cool off a little bit and the reason, a low pressure system, it has done this to the fog but keeps it coliseum, it is not into sacramento and even towards davis but you noticed it last night and this morning. cooler moisture air, cleaner atmosphere and air quality is good around here and temperatures are just staying in check. our fire dangers are good and it has been helpful for firefighters because it is not as extreme as it can be.
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55 in hayward, we have fog and if you would it this morning you will have it again tomorrow. the computer models, tomorrow morning about 7:00 a.m. and more than what i have. what toes it mean, maybe a couple of degrees. innocent day the fog goes on, and that's the good news, when i come back we will look at america forecast for the bay tomorrow and we will look at the forecast with your bay area weekend in view. and the latest clue, apple may unveil more than one device when it finally announces a new popular version of the new iphone. >> just how far away were firefighters from the blast and the fires that rattled them. íú
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. firefighters say calls came into the call center, even before firefighters could respond, it shook the firehouse ten blocks away. they believe it was a cylinder of gas. they had the fire under control in 70 minutes and they are investigating it is a possible arson. >> it could be just a complete
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coincidence and it is something we have to figure out today. >> no word yet on the results of the investigation and the owner said the building was not being used and was up for sale. >> chick fell lay with plans for a new restaurant here in marin county. they have purchased a building in novato. they paid 2. $7 million on a building on rolling way. chick fillet plans to remodel that sight and will open another restaurant in another year or two. they protested when they spoke out against same sex marriage. and "i" pad many is set for launch in october. they say apple is already ramping up production of an ipad mini and anticipating to sell 4 units per month possibly more by the end of the year. apple plans to unveil the ipad
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when it unsales the new iphone. and hundreds will speak out for the rights of domestic workers. workers gathered in the mission district. they headed to the state capital to march in support of a measure by them. the domestic workers bill of rights would gardenhire fee over time -- guarantee overtime pay and better working conditions and other inn home -- in home jobs. the bill is currently in the state senate. and at kaiser permanente, the in peyton speed -- in- patient pediatric care. they will create a gap for children who need to be hospitalized because they will
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be forced to trailville. they -- travel. they say kaiser permanente is not closing be a members get the best majority of their car and they are staying right where they are. the state changing policies, it will make the streets safer for everyone. consumer a -- consumer alert, that price negotiating may not have gotten you the best price after all, still ahead.
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. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news at 5:00 . >> illegal immigrants drive in
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the bay area but it could change their dreams of having a license to get behind the wheel. they are not sure how the change at the federal level will affect their plans. here in the newsroom to show us how legal immigrants are very eager to get their driver's license. >> legal immigrants may soon be tested on this material and that information may take some time to implement. >> reporter: 19-year-old eden isles death is an open -- 19- year-old girl, she is an illegal immigrant and unlicensed driver. >> i got jumped for a 30-day bus pass. imagine that, if that happened to me with my daughter, so that is why i need the license to drive. >> reporter: we talked about it to allow people like her to obtain driver's licenses. young immigrants who were
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brought here should get a deportation reprieve. they say they will issue such people licenses and the federal decisions are not clear and the law may need to be clarified. and now the executive director says it is time to make the change. >> a lot of them came here when they were very young and they have been active participants in their communities they go to school they are going to college and they are trying to get jobs. >> if seems -- it seems she learned the roads well. >> i will feel safe. not just for me, but for my daughter, that she is a bibi right now. >> and one state republican leader said illegal immigrants should not be here and there for should not get their licenses. ktvu channel 2 morning news. proposition 30 supporters
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offered a careful star kit particular opposition today. >> today -- sarcastic opposition today. >> today this is for yacht, not texas -- yachts, not texas... >> it was a spoof to defeat prop 30 and it would defeat a 1% tax on the wealthiest california to help pay for vital services including education and healthcare. the so called 1% would have to pay that at today's event. >> we would not feel it as much as the poor have been and are feeling it. we need to give back because we got here with the help of society and let's give society our help. >> they would impose a quarter cent tax for everyone for years and they would raise 6 billion for six years after that. >> californians continue to pour big money into the
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presidential campaign and they are outdoing republicans. new information shows president barack obama paid four million in the past month. they raised 1.8 million and the commission also reports, nationwide, donations are up for both candidates. and for the national convention, they are keeping a close eye on the weather system that is brewing in the atlantic. preparations are underway for the gop convention next week in tampa and today storm warnings were issued across parts of caribbean island. some show it is headed towards cuba then florida. they say the system will probably become tropical storm ice zack. -- eye zack. and tom, who is saying there is illegal price fixing going on here? >> reporter: it is the who's
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who of travel hotels and websites. many people use hotel booking sites with expectations. >> that they are going to give me the best deal. >> i thought acted independently on behalf of the consumers using unoccupied rooms... >> reporter: not so, their clients are suing on behalf of all hotel consumers. >> what is going on here is stopping competition in order to stop prices from going down. >> reporter: online booking sites, price line travel, velocity are limiting how much rooms could be discounted. >> the essence is to stop the consumers to be able to find any difference in prices between the different sales
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channels. >> an amount j allan says if that is true, this will keep new online travel agencies coming in and uncutting all those agencies of the world. the number of hotel bookings is going up while the number of airline books is declining and it is becoming more important for those sites to dominate in the hotel business. >> reporter: they think even if they don't save a dollar the system works just fine. >> it makes up for it because i don't use a travel agent and i travel a lot. >> and this lawsuit, it could take years in the making, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and there will soon be new options. they announced the new service will launch january 11th and it
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will feature san jose the first in the bay area to land the fuel efficient aircraft. coming up, in the city san francisco and they say the city is getting greedy with the pilot program. they are working and saying a sick cattle entered the human food supply. they are centered on a food company. they ordered the slaughter house closed after uncover -- undercover video showed the inhumane treatment of their animals. it is all in the book, they are credited with boosting the innings of a major bookstore. an update on a story we first told you about last week, what we learned about the misuse of funds which is
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supposed to be helping injured veterans. >> and the ipad app is ready to download plus you will get traffic any time anywhere.
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. today teachers voted nearly
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4-1 to approve the new contract reached at the beginning of the month. the new contract does reduce the number of furlough days down to one and a half, it could become the topic of discussion if the governor's measure fails in november. they will turn out the earnings last quarter. they say sales of 50 shades of gray had better than expected numbers. barns and nobles had a loss but that is actually a 2 % i am -- 28% improvement. the collapse of competitor boarders and higher book sales also helped to boost their innings. and after nearly 50 years, a recorded interview with the legendary civil rights leader dr. martin luther king, jr. was made for a book that was never written and the tape was recently found by the upper
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viewers' son. he is quoted as saying, historians will have to record this movement as one of the greatest end picks of our heritage. washington is soon going to be opening. that pool is being reopened after a nearly $2 million renovation. they also installed a system. they will also find new benches and sidewalks and they should be open to the public by the labor day weekend weekend. >> and they are wasting money including $84,000 on souvenir pens and highlighters and it may just be the tip of the iceberg. there is a lot of fog, i've got the five-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes and i will let you see what this bay area weekend will look
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. they are caring for sick or injured military veterans. they staged a multi-million dollar conference with some surprising new allegations -- where some surprising new allegations have surfaced. >> reporter: at the world center in orlando staged by the u.s. department veterans
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affairs, price tag, $5 million tax dollars. we dug deeper to find out how that money was spend. there was a comic and there were free shuttles to take them to and from the disney reports and they featured a paid actor satterrizing patent. we asked and the va refused to show us a copy of that film. the va refused to answer questions about the video today. >> general patent is rolling over in his grave. >> reporter: $84,000 allegedly spent on souvenir pens and some swag and we have seen other gifts from other companies. jeff miller has been reviewing other conferences which allowed employees in weekend cities. and the va instead is spending on programs. >> they have the best possible
5:46 pm
way to meet the needs of the veteran. >> they will hold accountable any workers who squander taxpayer money and by the way we expect a copy of that video come monday. scar mcfarland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they ordered an orderly santa rosa man ordered on $1,000 bail, for allegedly running down a bike rider. harry smith was driving near the oakmont golf course when he began yelling at the rider. he tried to get away but smith allegedly followed him and ran him down. he suffered broken bones and bruises and smith is facing a misdemeanorrer for the assault. >> the idea somebody would chase somebody and drive their car 100 yards on to a golf course and try to run them over is just incredible.
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>> santa rosa police say bike riders had reported two other end coup ters and smith's attorney said his client may suffering from alzheimer's disease. late night examining is said to go to a new study. they followed students between 9th 10 and 12 grades. they recorded the amount of time they studied and slept and if they had problems the next day. the grade cannot be determined if late night examining actually lowers grades. and a new study, a billion dollars of uneaten food, they toss out what amounts to every other bite. consumers are used to seeing fresh piles of grocery stores which end up in $15 billion in
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unsold fruits and vegetables every year. food waist is the largest single portion of landfills and they are urging americans to save and eat their left overs. they say a wiggle test was successful and that tomorrow the rover will move over 10 feet, turn right and back into a slightly different parking space. scientists say one of two wind sensors is broken but the remaining is broken. they also need to know wind speed and direction before they signal that rover to move. the ice cover on the arctic ocean is vanishing. they jump started the melting process according to the snow and ice data center in colorado. a check of the ice two weeks ago found the 4th lowest annual
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minimum measure ever and there are still five weeks left in the annual melting season. trailed by sharks, dianne has abandoned her attempt to swim from california to florida. as you can see, it started saturday and lasted for 41 miles this time longer than her previous attempts. storms hyperthermia and swollen lips were part of the reason and it was a great effort for a woman who will turn 61 tomorrow. >> 41 miles with sharks trailing you. >> it is hard to run 41 miles. >> we have some fog coming in and temperatures did trend down, it is a slow kind of cool down, it starts to warm up, san
5:50 pm
jose 75 degrees 72 in red wood city, if you get the picture, air quality is good, fire danger is taking a little bit of a break, it is not as extreme as it can be in late august, this is the time of year we get on for fire conditions and obviously dry, the heat and humidity is kind of high and the heat is not as high as you would expect. they released the fog and the result is just a nice mild weather pattern with good breezes out on the bay. and they are blowing 15 to 20 miles per hour, as you move through, expect almost what you had today, not a big change may be a little cooler being some of places are warm and and some places -- warmer and some places are cooler. hot spots 88, 89, 90 and out on the bay they will be racing. the winds they still have a southwest quick to them. and you can't really see it but
5:51 pm
the gate is right there. they will clean right across the bay and you get perfect sailing conditions. a southwest wind which we'll see again tomorrow comes in on an angle. it doesn't come in clean and starts to swirl. if you see it, you know what i am talking about, they will get gusts up to 25 miles per hour but the direction, if you want more northwesterly, there are guys who sale, i don't know if it is on tall wind -- optimal wind conditions. 78 in hayward, 88 out there towards the livermore valley and forecasted highs san jose 77 degrees and on the peninsular there is your number san mateo and 75 in red wood city. i am still trying to get over that 41 miles because it is stunning. marathon is 26 miles. 41 miles swim something in.
5:52 pm
>> at 63? >> at any age. >> thank you, phil, we'll see you at 6:00. another american idle judge and las baseball star with strong roots in the area, the big gift from his family that will help thousands of bay area children.
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. according to reports, mariah kerry and nicky manage, the deal is not yet sealed because they are still on defense. the salary still needs to match mariah kerry $18 million a year. and it is helping him once again with a back to school giveaway. he was at the elementary school to handout free back backs to 1st and 2nd graders with all free school supplies. it is the 4th giveaway supported by her son's day called pitch in and she is giving back to the community from years ago. >> there is one thing he told me, mom, if i ever make it, i will never forget where i came from and i will never forget
5:56 pm
vallejo. >> she runs her son's foundation on the west coast and his son and his wife amber handed out free backpacks in the bronze. they are scheduled to add more to city streets under the proposal, the city would install bike lines on ocala avenue. it would eliminate many parking spaces and many vehicle lanes. they said it would slow down speeding drivers and would make it safer for pedestrians. and a bill from colleges from students and employees is now headed for the governor's desk. the thought is that past words would give colleges access to sexual orientation which is illegal to make decisions based on that information. the governor has until september 30th to act on the bill. coming up in two minutes, the hundreds of thousands of
5:57 pm
plants being grown, and the devastating impact they are having here in northern california. and the changes they are making, it's more devastating than ever seen before. the one idea that could work to turn the tide here in california.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news at 6:00. good evening, julie has the night off. a multi- state raid on marijuana farms has netted $1 billion in illegal plants all being grown on the land. they are near one of the lands that agents cleared out, ken? >> reporter: somewhere between where i am standing on this look out and the union reservoir, you can see somewhere in the distance in the trees there was a marijuana growing operation, one of many busted, an operation called mountain sweep. schnuck helicopter halled out 3 grow sites in the grow forest. >> they had


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